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Gandolf Orthopedic Veterinary


  • What is Gandolf Veterinary Surgery?
    Gandolf Veterinary Surgery provides surgical procedures for your pet through your regular veterinarian. If your vet thinks surgery is needed, they might refer you to a larger facility, which can often be significantly farther away, and more expensive. Your vet may not have the equipment, time, or resources to provide the specialized surgical care that is needed. When your vet makes a diagnosis and surgical intervention is needed, they can contact Dr. Gandolf to perform the surgery. Your pet is still under the care of your normal vet.
  • How do I schedule surgery with Dr. Gandolf?
    If your pet is a candidate for surgery with Dr. Gandolf, your veterinarian will be in contact with you to schedule a date for surgery. Your veterinarian will communicate with Dr. Gandolf about the case and provide your pet’s information and medical history. Dr. Gandolf may request that bloodwork and/or a course of anti-biotics be completed before surgery. These are essential for the safety of your pet. When you drop your pet off for surgery, there will be a surgical consent form for you to sign.
  • What if my vet does not host outside surgeons?
    If your veterinarian does not host outside surgeons, there are other options! Your vet can reach out to Dr. Gandolf to arrange the surgery at a different vet clinic that does host Gandolf Veterinary Services! Get in touch here to inquire.
  • What is the recovery process after surgery?
    The recovery process will be different for each surgery, but Dr. Gandolf will provide you with detailed post-operative directions. Your pet will go home with pain medication and antibiotics to help keep them comfortable after surgery. Your veterinarian will remove any sutures and provide post-operative care for your pet. With good owner compliance to these instructions, the recovery process should be smooth! If your dog is getting a TPLO, check out this website CCL Tears and How a TPLO Surgery Works!
  • Is this going to be expensive?
    While we try to keep our costs affordable, there are a lot of things involved to make the surgery as safe as possible for your pet. Each surgery involves different equipment, anesthesia, medication, monitoring, and preparation, so surgical fees will vary on a case-by-case basis. There is a $200 fee to cancel or re-schedule a surgery (unless it is deemed medically necessary by your veterinarian). All costs will be communicated prior to the procedure(s) needed.
  • Will my pet have to stay overnight?
    There are a variety of factors that influence the decision to keep your pet overnight or send them home after the procedure. While we would like to send your pet home with you at the end of the day, we want to do what is best for your pet.
  • What if I need to discuss an issue after surgery?
    Please follow up with your hosting vet, and they will contact Dr. Gandolf if necessary to discuss any additional details with you.

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