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Veterinarians & Clinic Owners: 

Can’t find the time to schedule long surgeries?

Prefer to focus on other areas of vet medicine?

Let’s work together to give your clients the option of having their pets surgery performed at your practice. 


The Gandolf Veterinary Surgery VALUE: 

  • Greater continuity of care, less stress on the patient, and greater convenience for the client.

  • Raise the profile of your clinic by offering new services without having to invest in new equipment, staff, or marketing.

  • Instead of referring cases out, you can create an entirely new revenue stream by keeping your advanced cases in-house.


What to expect

Inquiring about a specific surgery

Begin by clicking the Surgery Inquiry Button and completing the form.  Dr. Gandolf will receive a text notification and will reply as soon as able and no later than end of day.


Expectations for surgery day


Dr. Gandolf will work with your staff to ensure the best care for the pet, with a secondary goal of having a smooth day for everyone.


  • A surgery checklist will be sent or discussed,  and client consent form will be sent to you prior to surgery.

  • You will have the owner sign the GVS surgical consent form at drop off.

  • Dr. Gandolf will utilize your staff unless otherwise arranged. (Additional fees apply, unless included in an orthopedic estimate).

  • Patients may be premedicated prior to arrival, based on discussion with Dr. Gandolf, or upon examination with Dr. Gandolf.

  • After unloading surgery equipment, Dr. Gandolf will examine the patient and administer premed if needed. 

  • She will work with the support staff to prep the surgery room.

    • For orthopedic cases, a second mayo stand or countertop is required at minimum.

  • Radiographs should be pulled up for review.  For fractures, the ability to view images on an iPad or similar device during surgery is ideal, if possible.

  • Intra-op and/ or Immediate post-op radiographs will be required in orthopedic cases.

  • After surgery, staff assistance in sending Dr. Gandolf out with clean instruments is appreciated.

  • Dr. Gandolf will call the owner, complete any clinic records needed, and finalize a patient-discharge form (including plans for medications, activity restriction, physical therapy, and re-check plan).

  • Medications will be filled by your clinic.


Expectations for follow up


  • Timing for follow up appointment(s) will be recommended

    • In most cases, your clinic will manage follow up and reach out to Dr. Gandolf as needed.

    • Dr. Gandolf will be available for consultation on post-op radiographs or any other concerns.

    • When needed, Dr. Gandolf will arrange to do follow ups in person or video chat for an additional fee


What your clinic provides


  • Support staff (dedicated RVT plus assistance from a vet assistant, unless otherwise arranged)

  • All anesthesia drugs and monitoring equipment, unless otherwise arranged

  • Anesthetic monitoring and surgery assistance

    • A comprehensive GVS monitoring form will be provided

  • Disposables such as sterile gauze, large drape, surgery gown

  • Medications such as NSAIDS, opioids, and discharge medications

  • E-collars and slings to send home with patient


What GVS provides


  • Surgery instruments and implants

  • Extra disposables

  • Anesthetics and pain medications if arranged prior

  • Surgery or anesthesia assistant if arranged prior, at 20-25$/ hour additiona



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