Helping clinics meet their patient’s needs

Dr. Gandolf provides the option for pets to have surgery at their local clinic instead of referral to a specialty clinic.  Dr. Gandolf does not try to replace the need for a boarded surgeon for complex cases, but she offers experience and dedication to a great outcome for pets needing these surgeries listed, and for those pet owners who want to stay local.  Dr. Gandolf has special interest in repairing broken bones.

Dr. Gandolf has performed over 30,000 surgeries over her career and offers discounts to rescues and shelters. If a surgery is needed that is not on the list, please don't hesitate to inquire.

A shelter kitty waking up after a skin flap graft for a large wound and missing eye. She w

Soft Tissue Surgery

Gastrointestinal: foreign body retrieval, mass removal, gastropexy, GDV, splenectomy

Hepatobiliary: cholecystectomy, liver lobectomy

Urinary: cystotomy, urinary bladder repair, nephrectomy


Brachycephalic airway: stenotic nares and soft palate correction


Canthoplasty, prolapsed nictitans (cherry eye) pocket imbrication, conjunctival flap, enucleation

Total ear canal ablation, pinna amputation

Lung lobectomy, diaphragmatic hernia


Digit or limb amputation, mastectomy, mass excision


Lower urinary tract: perineal urethrostomy, scrotal urethrostomy, cystotomy, nephrectomy


Perineal: anal sacculectomy, perineal hernia repair

Wound management

& skin grafts


Orthopedic Surgery


Fracture or dislocation: Long bones, jaw, others on a case basis with options including external skeletal fixation and internal implants (plate, rod, screws)


Knee/Stifle: cranial cruciate ligament injury treatment with lateral fabellotibial suture repair, patellar luxation correction (TPLO in 2022)


Hip/Coxofemoral joint: femoral head & neck ostectomy

(Toggle reduction in 2022)


Small Exotic Pet Surgery

Elective and non-elective surgery in small exotics pets including fish, reptiles and mammals


Large Exotic Pet Care

For large exotic species, Dr. Gandolf brings veterinary care to your home, with a team highly experienced in sedation and restraint. Remote anesthesia (darting) is utilized for hands-on examinations and treatments.


Dr. Gandolf is an ambassador for Dr. Fossum's pet CBD

The research for this product is convincing that properly refined and administered CBD can help pet with osteoarthritis pain and anxiety, among other things. With virtually zero chance of side effects, CBD has great potential in 8-12 week the post-operative period for many orthopedic cases. 

It's difficult to find a reputable brand of CBD, even more so for pets—as there is a lack of regulation and state-to-state discrepancies. Dr. Fossum has excelled greatly as a boarded vet surgeon who authored on of the most commonly utilized small animal surgery reference books. Dr. Gandolf has great confidence that her products are made with the pets' best interests in mind, adhere to all production regulations, and are provided with the most-specific dosing recommendations available. 


Dr. Fossum's product has been started with Dr. Gandolf's 12-year-old dog, Timber, for osteoarthritis associated with her previous bilateral knee surgeries. We look forward to sharing the results!

Pet CBD Administering

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