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Offering experience and dedication to pet owners who want to stay local.

Wild Path


This will transform the lives of your aging and itchy pets! 

Orthopedic Surgery

Fractures, dislocations, elective knee and hip surgeries.

Coming soon: stem cell treatment

A shelter kitty waking up after a skin flap graft for a large wound and missing eye. She w

Soft-Tissue Surgery

Abdominal, airway, ocular, ear, thoracic, oncologic, urinary, and wound management.



Dr. Gandolf has experience with zebras, turtles, ferrets, camels and more. If you have special needs, please inquire!

Traveling to host clinics across Ohio and northern West Virginia,  Dr. Gandolf performs veterinary surgeries with competence and care to meet a wide variety of needs for pets and vets. Specifically, she serves the common scenario when the time and costs of travel to a specialist is prohibitive. By traveling to your local or regional veterinary clinic, Dr. Gandolf can perform a wide range of urgent and elective procedures. For large exotic species, Dr. Gandolf brings veterinary care to your home, with a team highly experienced in sedation and restraint. Gandolf Veterinary Surgery is also an option for pet owners who cannot afford the expense of a referral. If a surgery you need is not listed at the services page, please get in touch to inquire about your needs!


"Dr. Gandolf is a highly-intelligent, savvy clinician who is committed to offering the best possible care for her patients. She continually seeks to improve her knowledge and skill and I have no doubt that she provides outstanding services to all her clients and their animals."

Stephen J. Birchard, DVM, MS

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons

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