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Raptor: Hit by Car

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Last summer, a couple hit a stray kitten on the road, but they did not have the ability to care for it. I took it to Dr. Gandolf because her jaw looked like it was split in half and just dangling there, and her leg was clearly broken.

The kitten was so sweet and adored my kids- we fell in love with her. I couldn’t even think of taking her to the pound, so I adopted the kitten, and Dr. Gandolf was able to wire her jaw back together. Raptor’s (named by my 3-year-old) leg healed well on its own and did not need surgery.

Since she was growing quickly and getting a lot of food stuck in her wire, Dr. Gandolf removed the wire halfway thru the healing process and fitted her with one to accommodate her growth spurt. Dr. Gandolf was amazing—she checked on Raptor’s progress regularly and answered all the questions I had. We are so thankful that she was able to save our little Raptor!

-The Gibson Family


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